Tuesday, March 22, 2011

19 Hard Earned Lessons in 19 Years of Homeschooling

Things I have learned because I homeschool:
  1. how to prepare a lesson
  2. how to slow down and enjoy the moment
  3. how to formulate thoughts into an opinion
  4. how to pray for others
  5. how to recognize the difference between disobedience and needing some space
  6. how to let my kids run with a subject that I'm slowing them down on
  7. how to prioritize my days
  8. that I need to have my quiet time each day- not minutes, but hours.
  9. that my children will be grown and gone before I figure life out
  10. choosing to love the friends I have, when I can't choose who my friends will be
  11. life is really very simple
  12. I will always be a learner
  13. I like Shakespeare, classical music and history
  14. I understand math...and it helps me understand God
  15. I love words, books, lists, and ideas
  16. who I am, when I am at my worst, is actually who I am
  17. foundational joy is more valuable than being the life of the party
  18. serious conversations are satisfying...whether with a four year old or an adult
  19. I wouldn't trade my scars and the knowledge that came with them for an easier life

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