Friday, December 23, 2011


Finally, we have completed the school day that officially ends 2011.  We will pick it up again in 2012 with new ideas, new classes, and hopefully new enthusiasm. 
This year our holidays will be a little different.  Mom is celebrating in heaven.  Our family gatherings are getting fewer, making it time to start some new traditions like meeting with siblings, with cousins, with church friends, with other families that are alone and have some extra time on their hands.  Although I began thinking about this several months ago, I really hadn't come up with anything that would mark a new beginning to our holidays.   When one suffers, the entire family suffers, and this holiday we have one who is not right with life.  I thought our family would be exempt from this, but not so.  Here we are....held captive by sadness and fairly unable to celebrate with freedom.  No one can take our joy away. 
My goal for school is to find things that will continue to grow in life, so that when I trace our thoughts, our faith, our interests back to their root, we will be contented to know that they started with a very small thought, or idea, and grew into a large tree that can withstand the winds of distress, the droughts of love, and the weariness of the daily motions of life. 
Many of the roots that hold me today began in the past twenty years of reading, thinking, reasoning, contemplating, wrestling with a situation I didn't want in my life; I wonder where my thoughts of today will lead.
He is able to do all that I cannot do, all to a purpose, all to His glory.  Amazing.

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